Heroes con was fun but as with any big three-day show I usually put my life & comic on hold & start producing what will sell for the show. I am getting back in the groove this week & hope to kick-start the abducted by aliens strip by the end of week.

Saturday I will be at the union county library show for anyone in or not in area that wants to stop by & see me. It’s a free show & is family friendly. Lots of good talent there so stop on by!

Now with Heroes 2011 gone bye-bye I have decided to shelf big shows for a bit and concentrate on smaller town shows, I get a better receptions because usually it is families who attend for the children. Bigger shows tend to be children attending for the parents. That may seem funny but in most cases it’s true. Also bigger shows cost more (not just talking table cost) You also need to factor in inventory, travel, eating, parking, and if it is an out-of-town expense you add hotel travel, more eating (have you seen my picture).

With the extra jingle in my pocket I will actually be looking at printing books for the small conventions, and internet sales. It’ll take me some time getting the best quality for the best price. I also will be adding content to the books you can’t find anywhere else.

I also am in the process of writing a series of books with my sister, once completed I will be shopping it to agents & publishing houses, sorry no small press . There are countless more advantages & protections with going with a publishing house. In the coming weeks I have some more pages to add to the site including a plushie of Bartlebean, and a buy print page.

I am Spockticus returns in a few…


Jim @ Area 51