So here is what I found wrong with Jack Reacher not being  a fan of the book series or reading any of them at all.

1. Tom Cruise can pull off tough okay, but no one will ever buy him as ruthless.  He shoots a unarmed unfingered man in the face at the end of the film. Even Dirty Harry let the punk reach for the gun.

2. Don’t have all your bad guys be afraid of  a man that no one would fear. The guy who has no fingers not Tom Cruise.

3. Most Goodwills I have been in don’t have a cool leather jacket section.

4. Why does everyone have a cool 70’s muscle car in the film?

5. Aluminum bat to the head= you are down for the count

6. I have never been in a parking deck that has parking meters. Maybe it’s me.

7. 3 of the 4 military men in the film are portrayed as ruthless killers.

8.  Why so many payphones? Was this book written in the 70’s?

9. Bus stop people letting Cruise blend in would only happen if they recognized him as Tom Cruise. Not someone hunted by the police.

10. Someone who sets up an elaborate frame job, later in the film puts his bare hands all over the murder victims face…& he had a henchman?

11. Elaborate scheme to beat up or kill Jack Reacher could have been handled with them attacking outside the bar…ALL AT ONCE. Instead of whole protecting my sister charade.

12. Reacher tells bad guy to go ahead and do what he wants to the attorney, hangs up, then calls back & tells same guy how mad he is that he killed an innocent girl?

13. Tom Cruise walks into a bar and all the woman of the bar are at least 6 inches shorter than him. (I find that one the hardest to believe)

14. The Stooges bathroom fight scene, then last guy sneaks up with a gun? START WITH THE GUN!

15. You don’t kill half a dozen henchmen in 3 minutes flat and then want to take the unarmed boss to prison for justice? I know he popped him but still that’s my complaint with many of the action movies, all the henchmen are just obstacles to kill & then they get concerned about bringing the boss to justice.

16. Reacher : Murder, grand theft auto, breaking and entering, assault, communicating threats, destruction of public property, fraud. No real name no real history, yet cops let him examine evidence, lawyers allow him full access to records, gun shop owners pretty much go on manhunt with him all within 10 minutes of meeting the guy.