1. Kirk asks Admiral Marcus to spare his crew, as he does with Khan in STII
2. Khan is concerned with torpedo(s) in both films.
3. STN2D Dr. Marcus to her father “I am ashamed to be your daughter” STII David Marcus to Kirk “I am proud to be your son.
4. Both movies have a Marcus’s identity revealed to the audience.
5. Both films question Starfleets intentions.
6. Both movies have someone questioning Khans “word”
7. Both films have Khan manipulating Starfleet officers to obey his command.
8. Both movies have Khan explain there is really no word given.
9. Both movies are standoff between Enterprise and another Starfleet ship.
10. Both movies have Khan commandeering a Starfleet ship.
11. Both films Enterprises enemy vessel is disabled through deception.
12. Khan has a coat or shirt that is wrapped in the same huge accordion shaped collar.
13. Both movies revolve around a secret Starfleet does not want to let out.
14. Both films the torpedoes mean different things to different people
15. Both films Khan gets what he wants but has to go that one step further.
16. Both films Spock performs a mind meld & a nerve pinch.
17. At end of both films Kirk addresses a gathering of mourners.
18. Both movies slow pan to reveal someone may come back in a sequel
19. Khan is surprised to learn Kirk’s rank in both films “Captain?” “Admiral?”
20. Both films have someone quoting a proverb.
21. Both officers who are controlled by Khan pay the ultimate price by their own hands
22. Both films have Kirk given back his command of the Enterprise.

23. Both films have Kirk giving Chekhov a different duty on the Enterprise.
24. Both films have subordinates questioning Kirk’s decisions
25. Both films have 2 members of the Marcus family
26. Both films have a Marcus attack Kirk.
27. Both films have torpedoes that have bodies in them.