1. Sorry it took so long.
2. Wanted to draw it at my own time rather than rush to get it done (even though my critics will think I still did :P)
3. I really wanted to show the 3 panel with Tippy/Spockticus scratching the dirt while being pulled backward. This is the main reason it took so long I had to figure out how I could draw it, ended up doing scratches as simple as possible. I hope I succeeded.
4. I also had an issue with Cletus running forward to push off OCD-2. I really struggled because I have this image of men running in robes, and it’s not funny unless they are holding up the robe so their legs can move freely.
5. It was a lot of work for just one joke, but it actually moves the story closer to the end.
6. Expect a few more of these big ones to wrap up I am Spockticus!