I truly believe that the revelation scene in the Star Wars prequels where Palpatine kinda lets Ani know he Forcensteined his butt would have been much more interesting if they were watching a regular opera and Palpatine “explains” what’s going on in the opera to Ani. I have written my fan-fiction below for those who might be interested.

Palpatine (P): Oh good Ani you made it!
Ani (A): Sorry I’m late, the valet used to be in Jedi camp with me a few years back. Looks like he’s fallen on bad times.
P: I hope you enjoy this Opera I helped write the chorus
A: Look at you Frasier!
P: Well it was just the chorus. {giggles and blushes}
A: Hey do they serve jawa beans in here?
P: Ani we are in the opera!
A: {rolls eyes}
P: I will tell you all about the opera as it plays out, you will be very interested to hear {stops} Ani! take out your ear buds.
A: Whatev! I can hear you, you know the force & all {waves hands} Wooooooo!
P: The first scene introduces you to two powerful wizards.
A: Wizards, bet you wrote that, think of something original will you.
P: Well one is a pupil….
A: Hey Palps that Usher keeps given me the stink eye, I bet I killed his family back on Tantooine.
P: As I was saying… what was that?
A: Keep up Palps. I hate Ushers I’d kill every one of them, think they’re so talented {stands up} THAT’S RIGHT I’M A JEDI I CAN FIND MY OWN &%$# ‘n SEAT! I DON’T NEED YOUR STINKEN FLASHLIGHT! MY FLASHLIGHT CAN CUT THROUGH YOUR FAMILY AND STILL BE SHARP ENOUGH TO CUT MY HAIR! {sits down} not that I’ve cut my hair in a while {nudges Palpatine}
P: Ani Please Lady Walrusman is here tonight, we must observe a level of decorum
A: Lady Walrusman! Oh snap I have got to see this.
P: Sit down Ani!
A:Your not my father! You and the Jedi’s always telling me what I can & can’t do I should kill you all, that seems to work out pretty well for me. {Palpatine grabs Ani’s arm} Get your $%% hand off me!
P: Ani I didn’t want to do this to you….

To be continued….