Few notes:

I believe Cindy has the best improve line in the strip, she’s so innocent!

This was another comic I thought of way backs a ways, the trailer parody went from The Dark Knight Rises, to John Carter, to Avengers, & Back to the Dark Knight Rises.

I wish I could do more with showing the Michael Cane accent.

I added the boy in a previous comic to specifically bring him back for the National anthem.

I had a mask on Davenpete before I knew the movie actually gave Bane one, so it kinda worked out.

The original concept was to do the entire comic surrounding the football field collapsing but it’s hard to visualize that in a comic, so all you’re getting is panel 5.

The audience banners spells out Worms if I had another strip added I would have done the fake DC superhero logos with more care.

Anne Hathaway is my absolute crush so sorry for using Cletus as Fantine.

Technically Prometheus WAS a Starship…soooo

Original Trailers: