So I finally finished Spocktacus (Volume 1, yes it will return hopefully in 2013 if the world doesn’t blow up or Disney doesn’t buy it). Thanks with sticking with we, been a rocky year here at Area 51, we missed some monumental stuff, we hope we can rehash next year. Couple of things to note about the end of the series.

1. I actually introduced ADD-8 who was alluded to in previous strips, unfortunately he was left. So if OCD-2 has a disorder that fits his name you can imagine what ADD-8 has troubling him. Actually you don’t need to, it shows in the second panel. I actually came up with ADD-8’s look at conventions this year and new he’d do a cameo by the end of the series.
2. The Slave master from the beginning of the story reappears at the end along with the huge ball that Davenpete was dropped off with. The Slave master’s ears are now more like the other people of the planet rather than the wolf ears from the beginning. (He mad some money betting on Spocktacus in the games)
4. The Emperor & Cletus are now prisoners!

Stay tuned for more Spocktacus in 2013!