I feel bittersweet when it comes to ending Spocktacus. I believe that’s why it took me so long to wrap it up. That and the fact I started concentrating more on work and writing. I love the characters I created for this series. Up until this series Abducted by Aliens was just Tippy (Spocktacus) and the two aliens. This comic like many of the ones through the series was written over a year ago when I began. I’m not sure if any other novice webcomic creator has this issue, but as I plot out the story it seems to grow and grow and grow! But I always planned to end it like this, and with the last comic actually book-ending the entire series. I wanted to take my time with these last two and do my best (some in the series you may tell are a bit rushed). The reason? My love affair with Star Trek II. It is perfection to me. I think I actually paused, listened to, and watched the last few minutes of it about a dozen times to draw/write this particular strip (full-page). If anyone who ever worked on that masterpiece ever stumbles across this humble wee webcomic I would like to say THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart.

Now to me the funniest two lines in this one are almost tied. One is Spocktacus asking remember who? Don’t ask me why I just love it, he probably* just dropped poor Kevin to his death, and it is the perfect jerk thing to say after Stinky/Bones ripped off line. But the line that wins by a hair is Cindy’s line. Lifted directly from the film it has to be a perfect response to someone who doesn’t know Dickens a few hundred years from now. To me it is poetry those two lines. Unfortunately Spocktacus paraphrases them and to even consider what he says poetry…well.

3d Animation done in Bryce 3D and Photoshop!

Cheers Stay Tuned!